Welcome to the National Laboratory Association’s (NLA-SA) new website for continuing professional development (CPD) and training.

The purpose of this web site is to provide a resource for both CPD activities as well as on-line training courses.

Online CPD activities:

The objective of this category is provide users with various online activities that will enable Metrologists who are MetCert Certified to complete these activities online. Successful completion will count towards CPD points that are required for re-certification in terms of the CPD requirements of MetCert.

Online training:

The NLA-SA’s successful implementation of a Certification Scheme for Persons, viz. MetCert, has attracted interest in various other areas. In some casesĀ  online training will be provided. The first of these is for Stack Emission Testers. The complete details of how to become certified can be found on the main NLA-SA web site.

In order to use the site users will need to register and and in some cases additional costs will be incurred.