This part of the NLA-SA web site has been established to provide laboratory personnel, specifically those who are MetCert certified with various opportunities to earn individual CPD points for the purpose of satisfying the re-certification requirements of the MetCert Scheme.

Presently there are two types of CPD points earning activities. These are suitable technical articles with associated quizzes/tests and the second is in order to provide the same level of support for webinar or public events.

Please click on the menu item CPD in order to access the various drop down items for the two current activities.

Thank you for registering on our web site and we trust that not only will you be satisfying the rquirements of the MetCert Scheme, but you will also gain some relevant knowledge at the same time.

We would also like to remind users that in some cases our articles and events will be SACNASP authorised. In addition even if you are not certified to either the MetCert Scheme or registered with SACNASP you can still complete the various quizzes making this a great learning opportunity.