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Welcome to the NLA-SA’s CPD/LMS (Learning Management System) web site. For the time being the site will only be providing general access to the category “CPD”, which provides access to both our CPD Articles as well as the material associated with other events such as webinars.

We are pleased to announce that although this was initially intended only for use by MetCert Certified Metrologists, the demand from other potential users such as SACNASP registered scientists, testing laboratory analysts etc has meant that we are now making this available to anyone who wishes to sign-up.

For instructions as to how to register and then complete any of the CPD activities please download the following : CPDLMS-Instructions

(NB: Whilst these instructions refer to MetCert only, they will be updated to reflect that anyone can register)

It is important that you complete the field “Registration Number” with your current MetCert, SACNASP Registration Number in order for CPD certificates to be easily validated after you successfully answer the questions associated with each paper. It will remain the user’s responsibility to provide evidence of their status to the organisation with which they are certified/registered.

After you complete the application form below, the site moderator will review the information you submitted and approve or decline the profile. You will receive confirmation of the status.

Once your profile has been activated you will be able to login using the username and password you selected to view the relevant content.